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Yosemite, Half Dome

Half Dome rules over the land. Everywhere we turned, it was there, rising among miles of majestic peaks, above tree tops, beyond the meadow, over the camp tents, and in the reflection of the lake. Its color ever-changing, from golden at dawn, to blinding white in midday, to neon peach at sunset, to deep purple in the starry night. We heard stories about how Curry Village was renamed Half Dome Village, and thought it a proper name change.

Dec 7

Yosemite, Rivers

The river rushed on with this deafening roar. Moving along the riverbank to capture the sound and sight, we gingerly planted every step firmly so as not to be carried along, like those ancient trunks floating by, or those tall boulders that could have been tossed aside yesterday, or a thousand years ago. One morning we returned to a small beach to cross over a nearby bridge. It was gone. Did we dream it when we bent to rinse our face not even fifteen hours before? At another turn, the flow almost came to a standstill. The water gave a perfect reflection of the cliffs and trees up above, like a mirror.

Dec 7

Yosemite, Snowy Peaks

On the road to Glacier Point was where we saw snow still on the ground. Snow plows left 3-5 feet of hardened snowpack by the roadside. Looking toward Tuolumne Meadow, entire mountain ranges as far as our sight could reach were white. That would be the next destination when we return, after the snow melts.

Dec 7

Yosemite, Waterfalls

Waterfalls crashing down vertical cliffs. From far and near, they were everywhere this Spring. We got close enough to Yosemite Fall to have its misty spray wet our heads while still at a respectful distance. One after another, people around us pulled up their parkas over summer T-shirts. The mist was as soft as bridal veils but you shivered not just from the chill but by that near supernatural power in our presence.

Dec 7

Paso Robles, Cooking Allowed

We packed our cooler with juicy steaks, and many other scrumptious ingredients only to find no cooking was allowed at the Half Dome Village. Still we managed to toss a few delicious salad to savor with fine wine, which made the cafe meals tolerable. To be fair, coffee at the cafe was decent, and our canvas cabin came with with our own bear box, a heater, and a generous supply of blankets and towels. With steady input of ice, we were able to keep the meat until we reached the B&B at Paso Robles. Best steak we have grilled in a long time!

Dec 7

Portland, Oregon

I had a lovely trip to Portland in 2015 to attend Responsive Field Day, a great one-day conference hosted by Cloud Four. I really like Portland and have visited a couple of times. This trip I stayed at the Jupiter Hotel.

Sep 25

The end

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